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                        Forbes listed companies

                        Zhangzhou manka ceramic industrial co., LTD is a professional manufacture of sanitary ceramics production enterprises, the national high and new technology enterprise.

                        永利彩世界彩票网 bolina

                        The company relies on "differential to win" business philosophy, strong product research and development ability, and excellent product quality has become one of the leading enterprises of China sanitary ware industry

                        One of the leading enterprises of China sanitary ware industry

                        Products are exported to Europe, America, Korea and southeast Asia and other countries, and is widely used in star-rated hotels, office buildings, high-grade apartments, etc., are numerous consumer's consistent high praise

                        BOLINA brand

                        China energy conservation design construction decoration designated green building materials products such as the honorary title

                        Differentiating the winning

                        Enjoy extensive reputation in the international market and domestic market and leading market share

                        Gold suite

                        Reward for the ultimate pursuit of life

                        Clean bathroom future home new ideas

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